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Today’s CIO Journal touches on a subject that hits close to home for me – the role of email as a workplace communication tool.

While the article focuses mainly on an approach IBM will be taking to offer a new cloud-based email service, as usual it will be up to the individual companies to figure out the best way to utilize what will likely be a great tool.
Deciding on the proper application of any good communication tool is always much more difficult than the decision to buy it. Most of the companies I have worked for have not put much thought into setting up guidelines for usage of email, nor have have they invested in any training related to email etiquette, which is why our productivity continues to be hampered by the “reply all” approach that many people fall back on (better to copy everyone than omit 1 and suffer the wrath…).
My advice to managers and leaders – develop an email usage policy that does more than simply address storage limits on your servers. Train people on proper usage so that company communication becomes more precise and efficient. Unless you are a national celebrity or a politician  –  receiving more than 30-40 emails per day is probably a signal that something is wrong with your companies communication policy.
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  1. Charles Cromwell Reply

    I have to agree, E-Mail communication is very important within a company but improper use can lead to serious issues.

    When tasks are buried within e-mails, it is easy for those tasks to be lost. Tasks can be put off and forgotten.
    Whenever possible, I recommend communicating task responsibilities outside of emails. An organized system, with dates for deliverables is best.

    Thanks much

    Charles Cromwell

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