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So your small business has been working off of Excel spreadsheets for quite a while now. Business is good and you now find yourself attending weekly status meetings with your growing staff and spend most of your time sitting and waiting for everyone to update the room on what they have been doing. You wait, you listen for everyone to have their chance to talk and wonder; isn’t there solution? Oh yes, there is. There’s software that tracks orders, projects, inventory plus more – your small business needs are solved! Then after speaking to ERP software salesmen, you start to wonder if you can afford the initial investment and annual maintenance costs that are being thrown at you. It’s too expensive; it’s overwhelming to think about interrupting the routine to install this very expensive and seemingly complex software. If you do make the commitment then chances are it ends up just sitting on your computers and you either wait for the consultant to arrive and give you advice (which you pay for each time) or you go back to the dreaded spreadsheet.

Are there small business software solutions available?

I have dealt with this in the past and couldn’t take it anymore. I had to solve this problem because it was SO frustrating knowing there was a better way to operate, track and enjoy the workday.

Software has to be easy to use. We live in a day where everything is instant. We can’t wait or click more than three times to get an answer. Small business software packages don’t have to be complicated and expensive.

Give me 15 minutes of your time and I can help you, giving you solid options for small business software to help grow and achieve your goals.

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