IT Optimization & Consulting

ERP Software | ERP Systems | Projec Management Software | 3D CADIT Optimization & Consulting Services offered by Energy SCP.  We tailor our products & services to best suit your business needs:

Your small company is growing and you discover that the simple tools that have worked in the past are starting to feel the strain.   Those simple tools, spreadsheets to track products and activities, flash drives to back up critical data, etc., can’t keep up under a growing volume of transactions and tasks. You are not quite ready to commit to hiring a full time IT professional or commit to a long term IT service contract. You know you need to do something, but have heard horror stories about business coming to a screeching halt after embarking on what was supposed to be a “routine” upgrade in IT infrastructure or software.  Sound familiar?  Energy SCP’s IT Optimization & Consulting Services can help. We are experienced and cost effective helping make your IT house efficient and powerful for the next wave of growth so you can focus on the success of your business.

it consulting services for small business

IT Optimization & Consulting Services | VOIP Consulting 

With over 20 years experience in green-field projects to legacy system/infrastructure upgrades, our staff can guide you to a solution that is the best fit for your business now as well as the business you will have in the future. Our IT Consulting Services staff can assist and guide you in the following areas:

Operating systems – including Microsoft and Linux
Network hardware – including firewalls, routers and switches
Infrastructure solutions – including servers, storage (on-site and/or cloud)
LAN & WAN Optimization Security evaluations and recommendations
Disaster recovery plans and solutions​
Network ca​bling and infrastructure​
VOIP system evaluation, selection and implementation management

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